ALESSON Template

Learn language for XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX (eg. ….dealing with difficult interview situations.) [Short description of the lesson (basically repeating the lesson title. try to vary this intro between part 1 and Part 2 lessons]

Lesson Objectives

  • Admitting to a past mistake.
  • Explaining what we’ve done following a failure.
  • Highlighting what we’ve learnt from the experience.
  • Toning down a negative statement.
  • Emphasizing positive ideas after saying something negative.

The lesson features two short dialogs. In the first, we’ll rejoin Simon and Charlene. Simon is interviewing for a job as bank manager. In the second dialog, we’ll hear Sara and Nick. Sara is interviewing for a position as a buyer with a big retail chain.
[usually the start of the dialog context paragraph will need tweaking. Can follow the pattern of “The lesson features a dialog….”]

Lesson Content: Audio | PDF Transcript  | Lesson Module

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